Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 SEP 16th

Hi people out there..
I'm back to my dearest blog babe.. XD 
So long never Touched her.. 
Where should I start from..? 
Time comes and goes.. Passed few months, my life changed a lot..
I lost my babe lover HTC while I was shopping at Zara.. Freaking damn sad men.. 
Mummy get sick.. My elder sister went Australia study.. And my boy started working.. 
I left bobbi brown and stared from basic, as a freelancer..
Now, I joined Chanel and start my new journey.. 
Since July.. It's already two months ago.. 
I have another one month to go to be confirming.. 
I currently base on the curve metro jaya a single girl counter.. 
Guess what.. I love here.. It's a honeymoon place.. 
The best of most is the supervisor here is friendly.. 
Well.. I just passed my birthday.. I'm 21.. Yeay~ I'm officially a big girl.. 
I had steamboat session with my ex colleague at 13th night. 
And they got me a cake as well.. So sweet~ 
Afterword my boy got me another cake at the early of 14th.. 
Thas's simple right..? But simply the best.. 
The day of my birthday.. My hubby brought me to the garden and he bought me IPhone4 in while color.. I love it so much.. 
I just keep on touching it.. 
Hopefully I won't lose it again.. 
Otherwise I will kill myself.. : X
We had our dinner at Bubba Gump..
and a sucks movie "Apollo 18".. is not that bad actually.. is just that i can't take it.. XD
It's raining season now.. Feeling cold.. Do take care everyone.. 
Full stop.

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