Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 SEP 16th

Hi people out there..
I'm back to my dearest blog babe.. XD 
So long never Touched her.. 
Where should I start from..? 
Time comes and goes.. Passed few months, my life changed a lot..
I lost my babe lover HTC while I was shopping at Zara.. Freaking damn sad men.. 
Mummy get sick.. My elder sister went Australia study.. And my boy started working.. 
I left bobbi brown and stared from basic, as a freelancer..
Now, I joined Chanel and start my new journey.. 
Since July.. It's already two months ago.. 
I have another one month to go to be confirming.. 
I currently base on the curve metro jaya a single girl counter.. 
Guess what.. I love here.. It's a honeymoon place.. 
The best of most is the supervisor here is friendly.. 
Well.. I just passed my birthday.. I'm 21.. Yeay~ I'm officially a big girl.. 
I had steamboat session with my ex colleague at 13th night. 
And they got me a cake as well.. So sweet~ 
Afterword my boy got me another cake at the early of 14th.. 
Thas's simple right..? But simply the best.. 
The day of my birthday.. My hubby brought me to the garden and he bought me IPhone4 in while color.. I love it so much.. 
I just keep on touching it.. 
Hopefully I won't lose it again.. 
Otherwise I will kill myself.. : X
We had our dinner at Bubba Gump..
and a sucks movie "Apollo 18".. is not that bad actually.. is just that i can't take it.. XD
It's raining season now.. Feeling cold.. Do take care everyone.. 
Full stop.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Jan 4th " the ms XpressionMaster's wedding"

it's kelly and her husband hanter wedding..
the day before we went her house for dinner..
  i'd been quite sometimes never saw her..
she looks more happiness..
 and the next day.. are the day their wedding..
as normal chinese traditional..
at the earlier morning.. 
we all woke up at 6.30am standby for the groom open door..
till 1.30pm we only back for rest..
2hours later.. we off the kelly place to help her family make-up..
the dinner was a highlight.. it's xpressionmaster ji mui session..
after the make-up room photos.. here u go~ dinner time..
 it is a very glad wedding dinner and gethering session.. 
love them so much~ love XpressionMaster very much~<3

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Dec 21st " a glad promotion experience in BB"

about one week time ago my bb counter had promotion..
this are this first experience for our counter..
the result quite well.. although are tired.. but full of joy..
feels happy to see every customers i touch are beautiful..
i woke-up at 9 morning to work till 11 evening..
ot gao gao.. haha..
this is before the promotion counter step-up..
and after.. i love it so much.. it just so elegance..
  we also had our beauty work-shop at the promotion area..
and then.. the photos of us.. XD
. causes christmas bb also celebrated tea party with our value costumers on 22nd and 23rd..
isn't testy..? it really testy..
my christmas eve were pasting at mamak..
simple but with my boy boy it sweet enough..
and my christmas night pasted with colleague and my boy at puchong steamboat..
that's all for my christmas.. 

good night..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Nov 30th "family's day"

this post i shall update on the end of last month..
but timeless.. i rether than take my time to sleep..x )
my younger sisters came kl for holiday..
brought them to eat, shop, movie, sing and work..
work because they help me to look after my home..
spent so much on them..
 but had fun..
some photos to show.. 
here you go..
i love this photo so much..
without notice them i simply took it..
so cooperated.. 
  i brought them to 3D movie right after..
the day before, we went kl sungei wang sing k...
 afterward my boy and i left them and walk all the way from sungei wang to klcc..
i were used to walk around that area at kl when i was study there..
but not my boy.. he never got that experience.. guess what.. he love it.. haha..
 i got this from jucie works..
is a chirstmas cookie.. 
i spent them good food on the first day i met them in dragon-i..
that's always my favour choice.. 
well.. they're left kl back to sdk..
will meet them soon on chinese new year time and mummy..
full stop.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 Dec 1st "troublesomely"

the first day..
but it also a very bad day..
i'm freaking moody..
sorry for those people who been scolded.. 
i just lost contro..
cried deathly.. i'm hopeless..
i've been extended..
something inside my heart they're never know..
i didn't tell as well..
there is useless to explain..
working with a evil are very dangerous..
i'll past away faster..
i'm so weak now adays..
cannot stand anymore..
planning to leave..
i found that i'm not suppose on this line..
i'm not a sales person..
i don't know how to fight with others..
 useless! sigh~
what should i do next..?
i can tell u that i got no direction..
study maybe..?
as long as not facing them..
not evasive or give-up.. 
but let go myself to another life..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 Nov 15th " examination"

15th of november.. it menzi's day..
her sweet nineteen.. 
happy birthday..
well, at the same time.. 
is bobbi brown examination..
the worst is my period comes together..
todays exam not easy.. really not easy..
those question quite difficult to answer.. answer sheet full of letter..
used long time to wrote.. i skip few question also.. T.T
hopefully can pass it.. but i'm not well prepared..
surprised today i met kate and bobo at office..
kate joined m.a.c.. our sister brand..
happy to know that we're under same company...
 with my loved watch movie right after exam..
"UNSTOPPABLE" our good choice..
 exam made me felt tired.. finally can sleep well tonight..
no matter the result is good or bad..
i tried my best..
good night...

Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Nov 07th "sickish couple"

since my birthday.. 
i never update my blog..
i've been busy for working.. 
and also lazy.. lol.. 
if you been troublous, you'll found that hardly describe on your blog..
moody plus sickness.. 
what a toughness period..
started of the month i got diarrhea..
yesterday i vomit and fever..
i got upset stomach.
 this month i been clink three times..
the doctor very familiar with me..
i took a lot of medicine till i cried..
besides that, the glad thing is i met my jimui..
finally got a chance to hang out with them..
 they're super shopper..
came here just a week of time they used few thousand..
shop for singapore till kl..

this is a spun sugar.. a gift from miki.. 
quite tasty.. is from singapore..
thanks miki..<3
well we doesn't miss the singk session..
i used to singk with her.. although only two people in a big room..
 alright.. full stop..